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Hello, I’m Lyric my favorite game is Minecraft and Terraia. My Xbox gamer tag is ASpritelyPoppy4.

one day I learned to make Grilled cheese! But I burned myself 🙁


I’m 8 years old, I live in Canada, And I love Roblox!!

I love to play my Xbox A lot, sometimes I so into the game I play for Hours!! (no one knows that :))


Update: First of all I’m not 8 anymore I’m 10, and I’ve been griefed in terraia and I’m not a big fan of Minecraft anymore! and my new Xbox gamer tag is LyricTubeGaming. it’s been 2 years sense I rote this.

My favorite things are Gravity Falls, tv, youtube, me, tacos, and really anything I can eat! ok ok and that time i learned to make grilled cheese was actually a loooooong time ago. Why di i rite that? Well my name is Lyric and im using grammarly and its not even that good!


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